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Tax Preparation

We understand that tax planning is a stressful, complicated process for even the savviest business person, the sharpest executive, or the most dedicated creative. The tax planning process itself may look a little different for all of these clients. Fortunately, these distinctions are no match for us, no matter how subtle or glaring they may be.

At League Inc., we don’t store away all the tricky tax matters and resolve to attend to them during tax season. For us, taxes are a year-round affair. We provide thorough, proactive tax planning guidance whether April 15th is a looming reality or a distant blur.

Count on us to be your trusted partner. Find out how we can help below!

We can also help with

Tax Planning

Tax Research

Tax Audits & Appeals

Taxation for

Real Estate Investors

Estate Tax Planning

Income Tax Planning

Federal Tax Credit

Corporate Tax Services

Individual, Estate,

and Trust Taxation

Multistate Taxation

State & Local Taxes

State Tax Credits

& Incentives

Accounting for

Income Taxes

Cash Flow Planning

City & Local Business Licenses

IRS Representation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Retirement Planning


Why Choose League for Tax Preparation?

It doesn’t matter if you are a hard-working individual, a thriving small business, or a discerning fiduciary. We are ready to approach all of our clients with their personal needs and tax situations in mind. 

Our top-notch tax services, include:

Year-end Tax Planning

When a new year comes to a close, a new tax season lurks just around the corner. We can help you wrap up any major financial obligations, including reviewing your retirement plan, making a contribution to charity, or just ensuring that everything is in order for you to begin anew in January.

Multi-year Tax Projections

Want to think way ahead? We can help you strategize for several years to come with meticulous planning!

Evaluation of Tax Law Changes

If a new tax law has you perplexed, we can help you contextualize it according to your own needs.

Let us take care of the accounting

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